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Skin Care
Vagheggi Range - All products are made in Italy, tested under dermatological control, nickel tested, PARABEN FREE, alcohol free and are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS
  - Delay - Delay the signs of ageing
  - Face Fence - Anti Age
  - Equilibrium - All sign types
  - Balance -  Blemished/impure skin
  - Rehydra - Dry/Arid skin
  - Emazoni - Sensitve/Intolerant skin
  - Lime - Stressed Skin
  - Mens Range

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Delay  - Delay the signs of ageing

Complete preventative anti-age treatment to preserve the good condition of skin that is showing its first lines.

Special: 200ml Cleanser, 200ml Toner & 50ml day cream $110
rrp $140

Cleansing Milk 200ml Bottle $40
For a perfect removal of make-up and impurities, prevents drying out, leaving the skin smooth and taut. Active ingredients: beta-glucan, biotechnological hyaluronic acid, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin E acetate, vitamin PP, horse tail extract
Tonic 200ml Bottle $40

Completes facial cleansing making skin toned and prepared for a perfect receptivity of the following products. Active ingredients: beta-glucan, biotechnological hyaluronic acid, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin E acetate, vitamin PP, horse tail extract, allantoin
Day Cream

50ml Jar $60

Day cream formulated with beta-glucan held in innovative micro-sponges that releases the active anti-ageing ingredients gradually to the skin guaranteeing maximum effect. Contains UV filter. Active ingredients: beta-glucan in micro sponges, biotechnological hyaluronic acid, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin E acetate, vitamin PP, horse tail extract                                       

Intensive Fluid

30ml $70

Anti wrinkles, fluid cream for mature skin for an intensive and periodic facial treatment. Contains UV protection and releases active ingredients gradually, according to the needs of the skin. Active ingredients: beta-glucan in micro sponges, biotechnological hyaluronic acid, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin E acetate, vitamin PP, horse tail extrac, UV filter
Eye & lip Contour Cream 30ml $70 This particular contour cream, is ideal for hydrating and treating the eye & lip contour areas and is completed with a soft stick formulated to complete the emollient action on the lips. Active ingredients: beta-glucan in micro sponges, biotechnologial hyaluronic acid, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin E acetate, vitamin PP, horse tail extract
Night Cream  50ml $60 Deeply nourishing, it slowly releases the active ingredients that works on skin throughout the night. Active
ingredients: beta-glucan in micro sponges, biotechnologial hyaluronic acid, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin E acetate, vitamin PP, horse tail extract
Concealer Treatment 45ml $70 It hides the small wrinkles and rings under the eyes, assuring an anti-age action. Active
ingredients: beta-glucan,
vitamin A palmitate, vitamin E acetate, vitamin PP, horse tail extract

Face Fence - Mature Skin - Anti-Age

Stimulates the collegan to tone and redensify the skin.

Special: 150ml Silky CLeanser, 250ml Active Reticle Lotion, 50ml Extreme Day Cream  $200
rrp $260

Silky Cleanser
150ml $80
400ml $150
An oil that delicately cleanses the skin, removing make-up and eliminating impurities. On contact with water it releases a milk that rebalances the hydrolipidic film. Rich in Omega-3 and Oil of Plum, it nourishes even the driest skins, leaving it silky and soft
Active Reticle Lotion
250ml $80
400ml $150

Precious texture that creates a moisture-fixing gel mesh on the face for a toning and revitalising effect. Rich in hyaluronic acid and red haematite, it leaves a soft-effect smoothing filmon the skin that restores natural protection against external agents, preparing it for the active principles of the treatment
Extreme Day Cream

50ml $100

A luxurious fluid emulsion that reorganises the skin's texture and remodels the profile. Black pepper and Red Haematite rebalance energy and complete protection against photo-ageing for renewed splendour. With UV filter                                             

Face Serum

 30ml $130

A treasure chest containing two of the purest active principles, hyaluronic acid and extract of Nasturtium for improved cell oxygenation. Four drops a day visably reduces the signs of ageing, for a more radiant look
Eye Gel & Balm (mix)
2x 15ml $130
The Gek is rich in Manioca, caffeine and hyaluronic acid and creates a 3D lifting-effect mesh, ideal for bags and shadows. Thanks to Nasturtium and Maca root, the Balm improves the skin'smicro-elasticity, helping to lift droopy eyelids. Ideal for reducing signs of ageing around the eyes
Booster Night Cream 50ml $150 Invisable yet full-bodied nourishing texture featuring an unusual mix of active principles from the "Tierra del Fuego", such as Maca Root and Masturtium. It re-oxygenates the skin during sleep to give the skin new-found structure and compactness
Scented Water
30ml $70 Precious active ingredients for the skin to generously spray on the body and hair several times a day. Energy and pleasantfreshness sensation to awaken the skin

Equilibrium Line - For all skin types

Assists in building the skins resistance to irritants. Supports the Mainenance and restoration of the protective layer of our Acid mantle

Special: 200ml Cleansing Milk, 250ml Jojoba Scrub, 200ml Face Cream $110
rrp $140

Cleansing Milk 200ml $40
500ml $60
Basic gentle skin cleanser suitable for all types of skin. Active ingredients: glycolic extracts of linden, mallow flowers and leaves, rice bran oil
Rebalancing Face Lotion 200ml $40
500ml $60
It completes the detersion assuring a pleasant sensation of freshness and elasticity. Active ingredients: hamamelis distillate, natural nettle extract
Cleansing Phytogel

200ml $40

Detersion suitable for skins that prefer water cleaning with a fluid product easy to dose. Active ingredients: helycrism flowers extract, sage leaves                                          

Face Cream

50ml $40
250ml $110

Day and night cosmetic product containing lenitive soothing substances. Helps to restore normal acid levels(pH) of the skin, keeping it youthful and healthy. Apply several times a day with a mild massage. Active ingredients: essentials oils of leaves and branches of bitter orange, avacado oil, alphabisabolol
Jojoba Scrub 250ml $60 Cosmetic product to be used before face and body beauty treatments. Thanks to the gentle abrasive action of jojoba pearls, it frees teh skin from impurities and roughness, leaving it more active and favourably disposed to the application off the following products
Eye make up remover 125ml $40 Two-phase formula, easily removes all kinds of make-up, from eyes and from the mouth, even if water resistant. It is extremely important to use a specific product to clean this delicate area since the ocular pH is different from the skin pH
Geopeel Scrub 150ml $50 Cosmetic product with white clay to normalise and purify thick and impure skins. Helichrysum vegetable flavonolds dim the excess of reactivity of impure skins and assure a stimulating and lenitive action at the same time. Active ingredients: clay, glycolic extract from helichrysum

 Balance - For blemished skin

A matt flawless complexion: A specific line for impure, mixed skins and thoise with imperfections (dilated pores, shine, bumps and blemishes), which rebalances sebum secretion, smooths and evens out skin texture.

Special: 150ml Cleansing Scrub Gel, 200ml Matifying Lotion, 50ml Matifying Cream $130
rrp $170

Cleansing Scrub Gel 150ml $50 Foaming cleansing gel, specific for impure, mixed skins and those with imperfections. Powdered extract of pineapple stem and the bark of White Willow add an exfoliating and smoothing action to daily cleansing. It leaves the skin fresh, soft and moisturised
Exfoliating Gel 500ml $100 Gel mask with enzymes extracted from pumpkins to exfoliate and smooth, leaving skin soft and radiant. Excellent product for enzyme exfoliation of all skin types. Thanks to its double action, it greatly optimises cubicle treatment times: it combines the cleansing stage (milk and tonic) with a scrub
Matifying Lotion

200ml $60

Two phase moisturising and mattifying lotion for impure, mixed skins and those with imperfections. the silver minerals in suspension reduce blemishes. A mix of shine reducing and sebo-absorbant powders minimises pores. Shake well before use to blend teh active minerals. Can be used as a make-up base or during the day over make up to maintain the matt effect                                          

Matifying Cream

50ml $60

Enriched with a sebo-regulating ingredient extracted from avacado, its is ideal for impure, mixed skins and those with imperfections. The gel/cream texture not only moisturises, but also norishes thanks to the presence of a dry-feel technological form of Shea butter. It smoothes the complexion for a long-lasting shine-free look. Excellent as a pollution barrier and as a long-lasting make up base. Oil free. Non comedogenic. Contains UV fiter
Concentrated Vials

10x 2.5ml $80

Concentrate with active ingredients extracted from white willow and pineapple to regulate sebum secretion. It reduces irritation and brightens, with an immediate astringent and moisturising effect. Repeat application if necessary
Concealer Gel 15ml $40 Use directly on blemishes to dry and reduce visabe marks on the skin. It contains active ingredients such as Malaleuca and lavender for an immediate antibacterial, purifying and normalising action. ALso excellent as prevention for skins with blemishes. Apply directly, tapping until completely absorbed
Spongy Mask 350ml $100 It delivers the sebo-regulating active ingredients (from willow and avocado), helping to purify skin tissue. It works like a "sponge" that absorbs the excess sebum, does not clog pores, has a whitening and soothing effect, evens out the complexion and reduces pores

Rehydra - Moisturisation and nourishment - for dry and arid skin

Deep down nourishment and moisturising: A specific line for normal to dry or arid skin of all ages, naturally subject to dehydration due to different causes and skin types that in particular conditions require extra moisturising and nourishment.

Special: 200ml Moisturising Cleansing Milk, 200ml Moisturising Toning Lotion, 50ml Moisturising Day Cream $100

Moisturising Cleansing Milk
200ml Bottle $40
500ml Bottle $80
Made from Hydra Plus Complex, an association of plant active ingredients that are very similar to our skin, it very delicately eliminates impurities, moisturises and protects the skin from drying and helps to normalise the natural protective surface film
Moisturising Toning Lotion
200ml Bottle $40
500ml Bottle $80

Moisturising lotion with a softening action, enriched with Althaea officinalis and hydra plus complex, an association of Ximenynic acid. Hyaluronic acid, Biosaccharide and shea butter, active ingredients from plants that maintain optimum skin moisture levels. Application of this product becomes a moisturising treatment for the skin, which will stay fresh and soft for hours
Moisturising Day Cream

50ml Jar $50
500ml Tube $100

Formulated to combine the effectiveness of its various active ingredients: Ximenia africana seeds, called the "sea lemon" from the South African savannah, Hyaluronic acid, shea butter and althaea officinalis, which prevents deterioration of teh hyaluronic acid. Particularly delicate, it restores moisture levels and freshness, with an immediate feeling of wellbeing. Its especially soft light formula makes it the perfect make up base                                                 

Intensive Moisturising Cream

 50ml Jar $90

Intensive moisurising treatment for immediate re-balancing of very dry or dehydrated skin. Extract of the resurrection plant, which survives in extreme desert conditions, associated with extract of Voandzeia subterranea, which grows on the banks of the NIle and Tamarindus Indica, called the "Indian date", Stimulate the skin barrier to naturally hold onto its internal water. Its nourishing texture, rich in lllipe' butter, also offers protection against the environmental agents. It is to be considered an "anti age" product and recommended in extreme weather conditions
Eye Contour Cream 30ml Bottle  $60 Light fluid cream formulated specifically for daily care of the area around the eyes. Made from an exclusive association of shea butter, hyaluronic acid and ximenynic acid, boosted by extract of althaea officinalis, immediately moisturises and softens even the driest of skins
Moisturising Night Cream  50ml Jar $60 A texture made from hydra plus complex, the synergic association of ximenynic acid, hyaluronic acid, biosaccharide and shea butter, boosted by althaea officinalis, which prevents deterioration of the hyaluronic acid, it softens and protects the skin as it regenerates overnight. Jojoba and avocado oils ensure focused nourishment and moisturising even for the most driest, dehydrated skin
Moisturising Mask 250ml Tube $90 Cream mask formulated as a normalising treatment any time the skin needs extra moistuising. Made from hydra plus complex, zimenynic acid, hyaluronic acid, biosaccharide, shea butter and rice starch, it nourishes and moisurises the skin leaving it silky, smooth and radiant

 Emozoni - Dedicated to sensitive and intolerant skin

A specific line for reactive, sensitive and/or intolerant skin with reduced defences and tolerability levels.

Special: 150ml Cleansing Mousse, 200ml Toning Dew, 50ml 24h Moistuiser $190
rrp $240

Cleansing Mousse
150ml Bottle $70 A combinationof cleansing plant molecules delicately removes evvironmental impurities, toxins and make-up, restoring a healthy glow to the skin. Dual use: with water to cleanse, on cotton wool to remove make up
Toning Dew
200ml Bottle $70

Fresh dew to sooth reddened or itchy skin. Essential for complete cleansing or for any time you need more hydration
Exteme Comfort 24H Moisturiser

50ml Jar $100

Very rich creamy texture giving protection and relief for sensitive delicate skin and different cases of skin stress. A combnation of active plant ingredients protects and resructures tissue while guaranteeing teh performance of the most fragile skin. No fragrence, no colorants, no mineral oils. The texture is nourishing and non-greasy, ideal for all types of skin in the winter. Its cushion like struction (liquid crystals) means it does not irritate the skin when applied and gives a sensation of relief.                                                

Face Mask 200ml Tube $90 A mask that is not an occulsive-effect alginate, nor a mixture of heavy powders, but has a cool gel-like texture thanks to a special clay that has an imediate soothing action. A synergistic cocktail of active ingredients such as Epilobium angustifolium, Chrysanthellum indicum, glycyrrhetic acid (combined with pink clay, rich in magnesium) improves the performance of the most fragile skin.

Lime - For stressed skin

Reawakening and adding radiance to complexion: for skin of all ages that is tired, dull, colourless due to differents kinds of stress. 

Special: 200ml Vit C cleanser, 50ml Vit C Fluid, 50ml Vit C Cream $170
rrp $210

Vitamin C Cleanser for face & body
200ml Bottle $60 Not a milk, not a toner...this is a clear transparent micellar lotion. Ideal for cleansing and freshly moisturising the skin, this delicate, water-based formula is very handy and quick. Micelle is a microscopic ambivalent structure (lipophilic-hydrophillic) that captures and traps toxins and impurities while respecting the skin's normal physiology. Vitamin C energises the skin and essential oil of lime from Mexico boosts the hydrolipidic film for guaranteed protection
Vitamin C Fluid
50ml Bottle $80
Fluid emulsion with whole juice of Calabian Blond Oranges, for intensive treatment of stressed skins. Its high Vitamin C content, enriched with Mexican Lime Butter extract, stimulates and protects the skin, restoring its corneal barrier and improving tone and compactness, quickly giving clear radiant skin. Use morning and evening, also under day/night cream for even better results
Vitamin C Cream

50ml Jar $70

Anti-stress day and night face cream with whole juice of Calabrian Blond Oranges and pure Vitamin C, enriched with Lime Butter from MExico, which boots the elasticising and stimulating action on the skin.                                                

Mineraliser - Zinc + Orange

200ml Bottle $80

Lotion with Vitamin C, Distillate of orange blosson and Zinc to energise, elasticise and de-stress with a highly restorative effect. It is ideal on face and body, also after exposure to UV rays, to mineralise the skin and excellent as an alternative to cream after the pool and gym
Vitamin C Face Massage 5x 4ml Vials $53 The anti-stress anti-oxidant action of Vitamin C and E delivered in a synergy of cocnut oil, Lime butter and essential oil energises, nourishes and ptotects the skin from external aggression (excellent for the winter). Ideal for massage, with gentle effluage of the face
Vitamin C Face Mask 1x 500ml Bottle + 8x 23g Sachets (8 treatments)
Peel-off mask with a second skin action suitable for tired dull skin. The occlusive effect delivers Vitamin C in an anti-oxidant and energising mixture to profoundly quench the skin's thirst. It adheres perfectly to the skin, following facial contours. Its two different components must be mixed together before use
Vitamin C Body Cream 200ml Tube $90
Vitamin C, boosted by Lime butter from Mexico, has an incredible energising, anti-stress, moisturising and restructuring effect of the skin's corneal barrier


Men's Line - Formulated for dynamic lifestyle

Effective and easy-to-apply products for treatment of male skins, they complete the daily rituals of cleansing and shaving, using effective, soothing and maintenance substances. Simple but complete program 

Special: 125ml Face Cleansing Gel, 75ml Revitalising & Lifting Cream, 75ml After Shave $130
rrp $170

Face Cleansing Gel
125ml tube $50
A delicate cleanser which eliminates impurities and excess sebum thanks to Burdock extract and exfoliating micro-grains. Rich in natural moisturising properties, it refreshes, moisturises and prepares the skin for shaving. Alternatively, it can be used to improve razor glide, combining the cleansing action with a delicate shave
75ml tube $50
The cool, soothing effect of Licuorice and Comfrey extracts give instant relief after a daily shave. Leaves the skin moisturised, soft and protected for the rest of the day
Revitalising & Lifting Cream

75ml tube $70

Absorbs immediately, moisturising and reducing facial skin imperfections (large pores and shiny skin patches); tetrapeptide-9 and beta-glucan prevent and minimise deep wrinkles with a ultimately firming abd lifting effect. Excellent protection from free radicals